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Extra Extra Come Read About It!

2014-08-18 16:14:28 by Atlas

I have done nothing on Newgrounds over the summer so I figured I would drop in with a little update. Into winter I will become active once again. That's about it...or so you thought. I am also dropping an album tomorrow. It's free so download it and hate it for me; why don't you?

EP Released & Update

2014-04-15 00:05:37 by Atlas

Music Related News.


So I made an experimental six track EP called Melancholia. Here's the link -

It's free so no need to worry about buying it. I'll probably work on little six track EP's like this more often as it is easy and fun.

Also if anyone has been wondering, I've been listening to Aphex Twin, Passion Pit, and LCD Soundsystem a lot lately.

Newgrounds Related News.

I've been away from Newgrounds a lot lately. I lurk the forums more than I post. I'm trying to fix that but it's not going so well and once summer comes I won't even lurk anymore as I will be working.


Writing Related News

As apart of The Interviewer I'm awful. I haven't done anything lately and probably won't if I don't soon. I've been writing a lot of poetry lately and have gotten some really positive feedback which is great. I've also started a play of sorts written in mainly archaic English which is really interesting to write in.






NG Assassin Game Jam Post-Mortem and Updates

2013-10-23 22:55:05 by Atlas

I applied to the Hearthstone beta a few months back and I was just accepted today which is awesome!
EDIT: I just played a few hours of Hearthstone last night and it's one of the best Card games I've played in awhile.

If you have Steam and want to add me just click here. I just got Killing Floor so maybe we can kill stuff together! Or we can make some awesome stuff in Terraria!

Newgrounds Assasssin Jam Post Mortem
I would say the turnout for people to take part in the jam was awesome. I think there were over 30 people signed up! Everything was all hunky dory! Then I got banned which was shocking since I can't remember the last time I was banned before that but hey whatever. Then communications were terrible which caused me to delay the jam and then extend it. So kids when you try and do a game jam don't get banned. After my ban ended I immediately went to the Jam thread and tried to straighten everything out. Then it started, the actual Jam! There were 5 teams if memory serves me right and I got 3 games which isn't that bad except there were three prizes. Still I was just happy to see some games made. Also whom I love dearly featured Wreck, which came in 2nd to Caged Beast. All and all I would totally organize a game jam again since I now have a better idea on how it all works. When that will be I don't know but hopefully soon!

Newgrounds Assassin Game Jam

2013-09-27 19:25:45 by Atlas

I started up a Game Jam. Thanks to TomFulp for putting up prize money and for saying he would judge. Thanks to Luis for saying he would judge as well.

EDIT: New thread in the Art forum to attract some artists to join. Both are open and fine to use. Just pick one and sign up.

EDIT: Since I've recently been banned (I know so sad) I will ask a mod to lock the thread when sign ups for the Jam close. So if you go to sign up and the thread is locked that means sign ups are over and you unfortunately missed your chance to join the Jam.

State Of Affairs

2013-08-23 00:14:04 by Atlas

I'm finally back! I've been away from Newgrounds for awhile and I'm finally back. I had a few projects going before I left and started some while I was gone. I made some great progress. But now everything is on hold! Sad, I know but it's for good reason. I'm participating in the Ludum Dare this weekend and I'm gonna try and organize a Game Jam. It's nothing big yet. I need help from you guys though. What's a good prize? What's a good theme? Team or solo? How much time should you be given? Comment below with answers.

LP & EP, Swivel!, & PS3

2013-01-27 21:19:05 by Atlas

I just released an EP called Just 3. It's for free but you can pay if you want which I want. Also I'm about halfway done with my first LP. I while working on that LP will begin work on an EP I've dubbed 100 Monks. It will have at the moment a total of 4 tracks all named after funny quotes from the show Monk. Album title makes a bit more sense now doesn't it. The LP I'm working on will be 5 bucks as of now and the EP will be free/NYOP.
HOLY BALLS, SWIVEL HAS BEEN RELEASED! This is great news for all animators and animation viewers alike. We can finally get animations anywhere and on anything. I wish I could use this but alas I can't, but hey I love the name, it's cool.
I got a PS3 about a month ago for Christmas and I'm loving it so far. If you wanna add me, send a friend request to AvenueFighter. I mostly play Skate 3, Red Dead Redemption, and Fallout: New Vegas. I mostly play those but I also have LittleBigPlanet 1 and 2, Rage, Madden 12, Space Marine, Assassin's Creed Revelations, Uncharted 1 & 2, inFAMOUS 1, 2, and Festival Of Blood. Once it hits like 11 don't even think about messaging me or anything, I will more than likely be watching Shaun Of The Dead or a Will Ferrell film. Well that's all the news I have for today, see ya!

New Album Out!

2013-01-01 23:46:26 by Atlas

I've just released my second album titled "Just 3" today. Please support me and go download this album. It's free but you can pay more if you want! Also I'm gonna try out Chromium tomorrow.

Debut Album Dark Days Released

2012-10-20 14:22:10 by Atlas

Go, download now. It's free, but if you wanna help me out you can slide some dough my way by paying for the album if you want of course.

Birthday Tomorrow & Minor Update

2012-09-20 16:39:09 by Atlas

Hey guys and girls my birthday is tomorrow and as the title says I have a minor update. I don't have anything planned for Madness Day which is sad indeed but it happens. I have been working with AS2 and AS3 and I have a fighting game I need to finish as a beta since for now it's only sticks. After making some good AS2/AS3 games I wanna challenge myself and make a good AS1 game. Yeah I know outdated and all but hey it's a challenge. After that I want to break into some C/#C/C++ since most big games are programmed in any of those.


2012-04-30 00:29:29 by Atlas


Hey Newgrounds I work part time at Time2Play0 and was wondering if you guys could go over play some games, post in the forums, or even enter the contest contest we have going on and win a prize and some respect.


In the next few weeks or so I should be posting more art like probably by Saturday I should have a portrait (not of myself) up along with either another portrait or little company (not Time2Play0) logo.


Well I've been listening to more music like Indie Hard Rock and Dubstep and it's really gotten my creative juices flowing right out of me onto my computer and then onto Newgrounds so I've uploaded a few songs and updated my Bandcamp.