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Newgrounds Assassin Game Jam

9/27/13 by Atlas
Updated 10/3/13

I started up a Game Jam. Thanks to TomFulp for putting up prize money and for saying he would judge. Thanks to Luis for saying he would judge as well.

EDIT: New thread in the Art forum to attract some artists to join. Both are open and fine to use. Just pick one and sign up.

EDIT: Since I've recently been banned (I know so sad) I will ask a mod to lock the thread when sign ups for the Jam close. So if you go to sign up and the thread is locked that means sign ups are over and you unfortunately missed your chance to join the Jam.


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that want a reason to get banned for

10/20/13 Atlas responds:


Banned? Why?

10/6/13 Atlas responds:

I was banned for telling a guy he shouldn't make a thread advertising his business. He kept arguing and it basically became a flame thread.

its amazing,

10/1/13 Atlas responds:

Oh well thanks!

You are 15?Woah!This is not some serious kidding here!
Man,am damn jealous of you! :D :P
I never thought of putting up a Game Jam

10/1/13 Atlas responds:

Are you saying whoa because I'm 15 and putting on a game jam?



I'm looking forward to how it turns out! The Assassin games are a piece of NG history, lost and forgotten, maybe this'll spur a new wave of bloody carnage and pointless brutality. >:D

10/1/13 Atlas responds:

That's what I'm hoping for!



If you started it some other time, I'd join as an artist (for lulz) but right now I'm too busy :/

9/29/13 (Updated 9/29/13) Atlas responds:

That sucks. I need some artists to join up.



So that's how jams start, huh? *unexpect*

It's about time Assassin was brought back; That brand of rabblerousing has been missed.

9/27/13 Atlas responds:

I'm glad you think so!